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That's why we're here.
Jack is remarkably brave, strong and incomprehensibly resilient for a person of any age, let alone a boy of 13. He is a 21st century superhero fighting an enemy that no child should ever have to — osteosarcoma.
Of course, we know that Jack is going to beat this. He has the best medical care on the planet led by Dr. Noah Federman at UCLA. And he has super-force-field protection from Cindy and Steve that is powered by their unconditional love and commitment, supercharged by Elaine and Sean.
In the real world, even the mightiest superhero occasionally needs help. That's where we come in. We are the cavalry and we are here, For The Love Of Jack.
Try to imagine getting in the car in Reno and driving to LA for a doctor appointment the next morning and not returning back for a year. That's a year away from friends, school, and life as they knew it. On every level, from emotionally to occupationally to academically to financially and everything in between, the upheaval is massive.
In the next year, Jack will go through multiple rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, reconstructive surgery to replace his knee and part of his femur, two separate lung surgeries, and lots of physical therapy.
Much of Jack's recovery will take place between his visits to the hospital. Finding a happy, safe, healing place for Jack, his parents and of course his dog Rebel is essential to his recovery; a place that is serene, full of light, full of video games and all of the other things that a 13 year-old boy loves to do.
Housing costs alone will be $60,000. Add to that the uncovered medical expenses and other expenses that just "pop-up". And then, there's Jack's insatiable appetite for sushi. Having confessed his addiction to his doctors and been cleared to indulge, he plans to do exactly that when he feels up to it.
So, the bottom line is that Jack's Cavalry needs to raise $100,000 over the next few months to ease some of the financial pain. And because positivity, serenity and stability play a huge part in outcomes, by pitching in you are directly conributing to Jack's recovery.
Make no mistake, every dollar counts and every dollar is equally appreciated. No doubt, Go Fund Me is a superb fundraising platform, however it does charge fees for its services based on the amount donated. For this reason we encourage everyone donating $250 or more to do so directly to a fund set up in Jack's name at Bank of America. For those donating less than $250, we ask that you use Jack's Go Fund Me page.
Direct donations can be made by check, Zelle or wire. Please write your name (or names) as you wish it listed in the check's memo line. If you wish your donation to be anonymous, please write "Anonymous".
Please make your check out to "Jack's Cavalry" and mail it to the address below:
Jack's Cavalry
c/o Cathy Daniels, Assistant to Andy Astrachan
256 Fannin Battleground Lane
Georgetown, TX 78628
For funds transferred via Zelle, please use the email address jackscavalry@gmail.com.
If you require wiring instructions, please contact Andy at jackscavalry@gmail.com. If you wish your donation to be anonymous, please let him know.
Please donate to Jack's Go Fund Me page:
We will update this page at least once a week with a running total of contributions so please check back often. We would gratefully like to acknowledge all direct contributors through this website. For reasons of privacy, individual contribution amounts will not be published.
If you have any questions please email Andy Astrachan:
Email: jackscavalry@gmail.com
And For The Love Of Jack, please share a link to this website — JacksCavalry.com — to anyone who you feel would love to contribute to Jack's recovery.
With deep gratitude,
Andy Astrachan and Drew Katz